Licensing of industrial activities and engineering projects

We prepare all the relevant documents for the necessary approvals for the final operating license.
Land use permit and confirmation of correct zoning, permit for connection to road networks and entry-exit node, organization and operation studies.


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Environmental Impact Assessment

We prepare quickly and reliably any types of environmental impact study. We also specialize in the preparation of reports in areas of particular ecological importance such as protected areas such as the Natura protected areas through the Special Ecological Assessment. We undertake special environmental studies and strategic investment studies for major projects.

Engineers and workers conduct on-site consultation and construction.

Hydraulic projects & Flood protection

Our extensive experience allows us to accurately design hydraulic projects, such as extensions of water supply and irrigation networks. Design of special hydraulic works such as water masts and boreholes. We prepare stream delimitation studies and flood protection studies. 

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Phytotechnical Study and Forest Studies 

We prepare phytotechnical restoration studies for the approval of intervention in a forest area. We also design studies for the restoration of quarry sites or other mineral exploitation sites. We act as technical advisors for forest legislation. Finally, we can contribute to the management of the forest ecosystem through studies of forest projects and management of forest ecosystems.

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Legal experts technical advisor

We have extensive experience in important court cases as technical advisors. The areas we specialize in are environmental legislation, canism
of KMLE quarries, as well as quality control and measurements of any technical project.

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Business-only services

We undertake any work to serve a specific purpose of your business. Specifically, we offer project supervision services for remote businesses, we provide full monitoring of work progress with informative reports and audit calendar. We also undertake as external partners the management and implementation of special tasks.  Do not hesitate to ask what interests you, surely we have a solution to suggest to you. 

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